Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tattooed Gourmet Recipe Challenge

Beginnig on May 1st there will be a challenge for all of you foodies out there. Once a week I will be hosting a recipe challenge. There are still some things need to be worked out. I will keep you all updated in the time being.

Here are some of the rules and prizes.

On Sundays I will post the challenge. This will include three ingredients. All of which have to be used in the dish or meal. I will take suggestions in a comment to a post that will be posted in the coming days.

To enter you must create a post of your recipe(s).

You must include atleast one photo of you cooking, along with photos of your dish or meal.

Once you have created your post please leave a comment to the post for that weeks challenge with a link to your post.

There will be a poll for all to vote based on recipe and photos. this by no means a photo contest.

I will edit this post later to include the prize for the winner and an honorable mention of my choosing.

I hope there is some interest. If so please leave me a comment.