Monday, April 25, 2011

The Tattooed Gourmet Recipe Challenge - Part 2 the awards

Ok I know i said I would come back the other day and add the awards for the challenge. Things have gotten a little hectic. Just in case you can view the rules of the challenge along with some basic info here.

Now to the good stuff, the awards for the winner and the honorable mention.

The winner is the recipe that gets the most votes in the weekly pole. This blog will win a blog review on The Tattooed Gourmet. They will also get thier recipe post reposted with links on this blog. The winner will also get a sidebar link to thier blog.

The honorable mention will be, one challenge entry that I feel could have won. It may or may not be the post with the second highest votes. They will get their post reposted with links here as well.

I also may decide to add to this if it becomes really popular. So please spread the word.


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