Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Featured Foodies - The Leftover Queen

As I said earlier this week I was going to start a new section that is all about my fellow food bloggers, called Featured Foodies. Since this is the first week I thought I would start with someone who has helped me and my blog.

Jenn at The Leftover Queen did not directly help me but in her commitment to sharing her knowledge not only on food but her care for others that love food and blogging as much as she does.

Jenn is a Freelance Food & Travel Writer, and the creator of The Foodie Blogroll , She lives in Saint Augustine, Florida, with her husband, Roberto who is the technical mind behind the The Foodie Blogroll. Jenn offers a lot of wonderful recipes. Some of which show how she lives up to the name The Leftover Queen.

The blogroll they created now has over 3000 food blogs. There is a wonderful widget that all members have on their blogs that list the newest members as well as 5 random blogs every day. Imagine how much that could help your food blog. There is a fourm where all members can share information that has helped their blogs. It is also a meeting pplace to talk with others that share two intersts, Food and Blogging.

The Leftover Queen also offers giveaways for various prizes. Many of which are quite nice. For March and April Jenn and From the have joined forces to offer winning blogroll members their choice of any product on the website up $50.

So if you have not had the chance to visit The Leftover Queen or join The Foodie Blogroll yet you should head over ther now.

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JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Thanks for the shout out Bryan! I really appreciate all your kind words! :)

Bryan said...

No problem Jenn. Thanks for all your hard work and help to all of us food bloggers