Thursday, September 11, 2008

Poll: Do you put salt on your watermelon?

OK the poll has been over for a few days. I wanted to let those of you know that too many people are not willing to give it a try! I am just kidding its up to you how you eat. Below are the results.

Always 8 (20%)
Sometimes 8 (20%)
Never have but willing to try 8 (20%)
Never, no way! 15 (38%)

I have always had salt on watermelon and cantaloupe. Almost everyone I know that was raised here in the Southern part of the country uses salt atleast half of the time. Many friends from Indiana and other northern states look at me like I am insane.

So is it a southern thing or is just something some people do?


Nik Snacks said...

I don't like watermelon, so you won't find me putting salt on it. I've only known it to be a Southern thing.

Foodycat said...

I've never put salt on it when I am just eating it normally, but since I love it in salads I salt it then. I put salt on oranges though!

PeterMarcus said...

I've lived North as much as South, so maybe that's why I never have, but I love salty prosciutto over melon, so why not salt on watermelon? I bet it would amplify the flavor a bit.

Great to meet you this weekend!

jackpot city said...

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