Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Next Food Network Star Runner-up Lisa Garza Gets TV Deal!

Not only did The Next Food Network Star runner-up Adam Gertler get his own show from Food Network called Will Work for Food, but so did Lisa.

Lisa Garza, also a runner-up, tells us on her Facebook profile she is "working on a TV deal with another network in New York City! Thanks to all my fans!!!" What network will it be?

I guess they really could not decide who to kick off the show. Granted Lisa would be going to another newtork she is still most likely going to get her own show. I am sure the producers and powers that be at the Food Network helped her get the deal in the works.

Now how do you really feel for Aaron McCargo Jr.. Aaron is the winner oh wait so is Adam. Oh we can't decide Lisa winns too! I wonder if having Amy Finely; the winner of The Next Food Network Star last season quit meant they had to go with all three just in hopes of retaining one of them. I guess next we will have Kelsey and Shane come back for thier own show!

Sorry I just do not like Lisa. I was happy with Adam and Aaron having their own but why her???