Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hello from your Tattooed Gourmet

First I wanted to say hello to all of my readers new and those returning. Things here at the Tattooed Gourmet have been going fairly well, actually better than I had hoped. I had tried my hand at a few blogs before and was un succsesful. I just could not build any traffic above the one or two per day. After several months of that I gave up.

However this time around things are looking up. I have come close to breaking 200 unique visits for some time. Have not broke it yet but getting close. I am also on my way to 100 posts! I am also getting quite a few comments as well (keep them coming I enjoy seeing what you think)! I am excited and very pleased with how things are going. I still think they can get better.

This is where I hope my readers can help me out. I need some new and fresh ideas as far as group discussion posts and also what types of recipes, cuisine, and tips you would like to see on here. I would also appreciate any ideas on the design both positive and negative. Actually I would like some constructive criticism on my whole blog.

Thank you and I look forward to your thoughts!

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Ben said...

Congrats! Blogging is not easy and you are doing a good job :) Regarding ideas on food. just show us what you are very passionate about making. That's the best food, right?

Julie said...

I like your site and looking forward to checking out your recipes. said...

how did you get your blog out there? I am a new blogger and am completly clueless! PS. love your blog :)

Bryan said...

Thank you all for the great comments.

Ben you are right about the food you are passionate about is always the best kind. to be honest did whateveryone says you should do. I added it the search engines and started commenting on other food blogs. I was also lucky to find Jenn and the foodieblogroll. I get quite a few people coming from there. The main thing is to have good content, which I think I do(at least most of the time)and write decent comments om other simialr blogs that add to their post.

Agian thank you everyone!

KristiB said...

Your blog looks great! I gave up on being obsessed with traffic. Once i let go blogging was more fun.

As far as what I like to see-post what you're passionate about!

Nik Snacks said...

I'm slightly obsessed with traffic, but not so much that I let it ruin my day. I enjoy what I do and it looks like you do, too.

I like your commentary and feedback about FN shows the best.