Sunday, August 3, 2008

Big Daddy's House with Aaron McCargo Jr.

Well it has been a week since the finale of the Next Food Network Star announced that Aaron won the show. Today was his first episode of Big Daddy's House. Now many people were saying that Aaron's show would not be any good.

I have disagreed with them the whole week. Aaron did progressively get better on camera during TNFNS. Today he looked like he was comfortable on camera. You might say that is the magic of editing and anyone can look good with a lot of editing. I have to tell you that our favorite Food Network Stars do not get it right on the first few takes either.

Let's get back to Big Daddy. He showed us three of his son's favorite meals. A chicken finger salad, roast pork sandwich and oven backed seasoned fries. The chicken fingers were breaded with Doritos and also blue corn chips. At first they did not look too appetizing. Then he laid out his salad with the fingers on top and they looked a lot better. I also realized that if I like the Cap'n Crunch fingers at Planet Hollywood, these might be good too!

The sandwich was a basic sliced roast pork sandwich topped with some gralicy broccoli rabb. The seasoned fries were seasoned with the exact same seasoning he used in every dish which tied them all together. There was salt, fresh ground pepper, paprika, onion powder, and seasoned salt in his spice list.

While it was his first show it was okay. It was not the breakout show of the year but intime who knows it good be a fan favorite. He joked around sometimes a little too much but luckily he did not do anything close to his presentation from the Vegas buffet episode of TNFNS!

I will keep watching and hope that Aaron does not go the way of last years winner Amy Finely who only shot 6 episodes and then gave up and moved to France. beast of luck Aaron.

What about the rest of you, what was your take on the premiere episode of Big Daddy's House?

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Anonymous said...

It was awesome! I think Aaron did a great job and seemed very comfortable in front of the camera. Kudos to him. The recipes were good, something I look forward to cooking with my son.
Way to go, Aaron.

Josh Bozeman said...

I liked it a lot. The recipes seemed interesting. I would like to try the chicken fingers idea. He had good energy, he was funny at times, but overall he seemed to know his stuff and spoke with authority. It was nice to see his life come into play with the video os his parents and Justin in the kitchen with him.

I didn't realize he owned his own restaurant at one point...they didn't mention that during NFNS, did they?

Bryan said...

Thanks guys. I knew there we people out there that liked Aaron's show like I did. Overall it was a decent episode. I will be watching next Sunday.