Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Who first inspired you to cook?

We all have our influences in the kitchen. Chefs we are inspired by or try to style our cooking after. The purpose of this post is not to find out who inspires you today, but the first person that got you longing to be in the kitchen.

My mom and grandmothers are who got me to love to cook. I can still smell the food coming from the kitchen. Granted none of them were a gourmet chef, but they can whip up some mean dishes. My mom would now let come over and cook for every night if I could, especially if I am going to either grill or cook one of my recipes. I have been told that when I was little my two favorite TV shows were Dukes of Hazzard and Julia Childs.

Was it your mom, grandmother, or even your dad, that showed you the basics around the kitchen. Also what is your earliest memory of learning how to cook?

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Monica said...

I pretty much taught myself to cook. My Mom didn't want us in the kitchen because we made too much of a mess. When I got married my husband kept telling me this isn't like Grandma made it, so I had motivation to do better. I love to cook but really love to bake.