Sunday, July 20, 2008

Viva Las Vegas Part II - The Next Food Network Star Episode 8 Update

This week we had some more fun in Las Vegas with the three remaining finalist for the Next Food Network Star. Each had to shoot a pre-written 30 second promo. Lisa did a Mission Impossible style promo. Aaron went to the casino floor to play some craps during his. Last week I was seeing correctly when I saw Adam on stage in a tuxedo with two showgirls. The winner of this challenge was clearly Aaron who looked comfortable in front of the camera once again. I might not have been paying close attention in previous episodes but this week each finalist was beeped several times during their several takes.

The main challenge was to create a Vegas style buffet that was a part of their culinary point of view. We also had some star souse chefs. Shane, Jen, and Kelsey all returned to help the finalists. They drew numbers to choose who they wanted. Lisa worked with Kelsey. (wonder why she did not choose Jen...) Adam chose Shane and poor Jen was picked last just like me in high school. OK not really like me but you get the point. They also had to do a three minute presentation in front of several performers including Diana Ross, Cher (OK they were impersonators) Knights from Spamalot, and chefs from the Wynn hotel.

Aaron for some reason went and made three pasta dishes! He did make a mean crab cake though. His flavors were not as bold as they have been in past episodes. He came out for his presentation and tried to do a joke about an eating disorder he had, which caused him to carry forks around in his pocket since he was a kid. Needless to say he bombed on it the crowd of Vegas performers looked at him and wondered what was going on.

Adam decided to take another big risk and made a smoker out of some woks. Well it paid off and his pork chops were the favorite dish. Susie asked Bobby since he has been a critic of Adam's cooking if Adam's buffet had changed his mind. Bobby said he has not been critical just was not sure if he Adam could cook. Seems a little critical to me...

While shopping Lisa dropped half of her fish and left in in the store on the floor. She did not notice until she went to start cooking it. She also burnt half of her crowned pork rack. She did a poached pear which looked really good. I might have to steal that from her and try it myself. Lisa's Presentation was interesting. Who knew she could sing. She came out and performed for the performers.

During the evaluation the judges could not decide on who should leave. They all have had great positives for them but some negatives as well. They decided the only fair way to do it was to do something they have never had to do in the history of The Next Food Network Star. All three stayed on and will compete at the finale.

Again we are stuck with repeats until next week. I did not catch the sneak peek tonight but will post something about it in the coming days. Until then who is your favorite of the three remaining finalists. Who do you think should win it all and be The Next Food Network Star!

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