Sunday, July 13, 2008

Viva Las Vegas - The Next Food Network Star Episode 7 Update

It is that time of the week again and I couldn't be happier. Sunday night The Next Food Network Star's newest episode. My favorite FN Star Paula Deen was in Vegas for a Throwdown Vegas Style.

We had two throwdowns. One between Adam and Lisa and then Aaron and Kelsey in the other. Each finalist had to prepare their signature dish along with the signature dish of their opponent. They also had to recreate it to make it a proper dish for Vegas. On top of that they had questions from the judges as well as an interview from Dayna Devon of Extra. Oh and all in 75 minutes!

Adam's dish was Mac and Cheese, while Lisa made her Cassoulet. Now I love mac and cheese as much as the next person but a signature dish come on. Adam went with making a Lobster Mac, which everyone loved. Paula even went on to say she does not like any Lobster Mac she has ever eaten. However she loved Adam's. Lisa rocked her Cassoulet which she added Duck Confit to. Again every one enjoyed it. However neither fared well when cooking their opponent's dish. Adam made a bean porridge instead of Cassolet, and Paula "Hated" Lisa's Mac and Cheese.

Aaron had his stuffed Pork Loin and Kelsey made her Chicken Parmesan. Aaron wanted to get his Pork done before working on the Chicken. He got down to 18 minutes left and got a look from Lisa, that reminded him he had yet to start the chicken. Some how he pulled it off. Everyone liked both of his dishes and he did okay on the interview. He still needs to work on his cooking and talking at the same time. Nonetheless Aaron won this challenge.

Kelsey on the other had mentioned culinary school again which is really eating away at the judges especially Bob Tuschman. Her dishes were a surprise to the judges because they both looked like restaurant style plating. Paula also had a problem with small portion sizes, and said her Chicken Parmesan would be fit as an appetizer. Her pork was over done and her Chicken looked almost separate from the Marinara sauce.

Now I know everyone has been saying that Kelsey was the girl they judges had picked from the beginning to win. Well they were all wrong. Kelsey was sent home tonight. She did leave with grace and dignity saying the final three are the ones who belong there. She was very happy for her experience.

Next week it looks like another favorite star will be there in Vegas. Guy Fieri will be a guest judge. Also I think I saw Adam on stage in a tux with some showgirls. Did I see that right. What could the challenge be?

What are your thoughts on Kelsey leaving? Who is going to leave next? Share your thoughts and ideas with me so we can see how close we get!

Until next week I am stuck watching the repeats!

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Michele said...

I thought Kelsey was a clear favorite of the judges from the beginning, even pre-picked to win... It was nice to be shown how wrong I was, even though she had tons of personality, talent and a bubbly charm. If she had the same opportunity in ten years, I bet she would win hands down. She has tremendous potential, but, her youth actually worked against her. The constant references to school weren't a gaff. They were the realm of her experience. Nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that who wants to watch a new cooking school grad, no matter how talented they are, or how much potential they possess? In fact, I am surprised they vetted two very inexperienced chefs in Shane and Kelsey, even though they were both charismatic, charming and adorable. Maybe together, they could host a show for new cooks like them, but, honestly, who would watch? Maybe in a few years, we'll appreciate Shane and Kelsey, although the field of cooking TV shows is excruciatingly limited. Even winning TNFNS isn't a guaranteed ticket to success. Where in the world is last year's winner? I know she filmed a few shows, but, were they even shown?

Bryan said...

I thought Kelsey could of had a good show for beginning cooks. You are right though that in ten years and maybe not even that long we will see her on the Food Network.

As far as the last 3 seasons the only one to do anything good has been Guy. Amy Finely(last years winner) did about 6 shows and then moved to France according to a few where are they nmow articles I have seen.

Anniesnyeats said...

Kelsey did look like almost a sure thing, but that was before the other contestants started showing their strengths--Aaron's warm personality, Lisa's endearing goofiness, Adam's actual ability to cook. But Kelsey has so many strengths and were sure to see her somewhere. Did everyone hear that she got married yesterday?

For more on The Next Food Network Star, please see my blog, Annie's New York Eats, at

Anonymous said...

I thought Kelsey would win it, too, and I am glad to see I was wrong ~ her perkiness was driving me crazy. I am really surprised to see that Adam is still there.

Bryan said...

I had not heard she got married. I am wondering if everyone is liking Adam's food and on Susie's Vlog she is saying that he is showing his knowledge on food; why does Bobby Lfay keeping saying Adam has a lack of food chops?

My wife has only watched it twice and was annoyed by Kelsey. I am starting to like Aaron to win what about you guys?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm wondering if Lisa is from Burnsville, MN. She looks like Lisa Hense, who graduated from BHS a year before I did. Am I right?

Anonymous said...

I know that they said Lisa's last name is Garza, but that could be her married name. Does anyone know her maiden name? Her accent also doesn't sound like she's from Texas, so she could be from Burnsville, Minnesota.

Bryan said...


I am not sure if Lisa is who you think. If I find out I will let you know.

GGJ said...

Lisa Garza is indeed her married name. I don't know what her maiden name was. However, according to her Facebook profile, Lisa graduated from Frisco High School in 1994. (Frisco is a suburb of Dallas, about 25 miles north of big-D).