Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Next Food Network Star - Winner is Aaron McCargo Jr.

The final episode of The Next Food Network Star just finished. We have a winner, Aaron McCargo Jr which is one of the two I wanted to win. First though lets go over what happened in the rest of the show.

The final challenge was the audition to end all auditions. Each finalist had to make a four and a half minute pilot episode for their possible show. They worked on Rachael Ray's set with a full crew including one of the better producers on the network Gordon Elliot.

Each finalist had several takes and each made mistakes. However each nailed their final take and had excellent pilots. Lisa's was "Beautiful Basics", she did a great job in allowing her designer side show and make feel like you could watch her each week.

Aaron's show was or will be "Big Daddy's Kitchen" which fits him well. His big and bold flavors shined in his pilot. He was funny and just looked comfortable. This is the Aaron the selection committe and myslef wanted to see all season long.

Adam is "Always Hungry in Philidelphia", not a real orginal name but it worked. His idea was to take viewers recipes and show them via a webcam his version. He was also answering questions from the chosen viewer for his pilot. On a side note I had a feeling he was not going to win when he first pitched this idea to Gordon. Simply because Food Network has been promoting their new show Ask Aida which seems to be a very similar idea. Maybe they liked Adam's idea just not him enough to make him the winner. Just my opinion!

Nonetheless Aaron was delcared the winner and already started working on his show due to the fact this was prerecorded. Which makes you wonder why the voting, does it really matter?

Aarons new show Big Daddy's Kitchen airs Sundays at 1:30pm/12:30c starting next week according to Bobby Flay. I will be watching the first episode will you?


Anonymous said...

meh...i was hoping Lisa had won, too bad

Bryan said...

I know a lot of people are mad that Aaron won and not Lisa. I did not like Lisa that much. I liked her cooking just not her. It felt like she was talking down to people especially during her promo on the finale.