Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Next Food Network Star - Update

I apologize for being late with this recap. It has been hectic around here the last few days.

This week on the Next Food Network Star the six remaining finalists were challenged by Chef Cat Cora. She had them each make a dish with six surprise ingredients and then describe it to the camera. They had to describe the taste and smell for the home viewers. They all thought they would be describing their own dish. Instead Chef Cora told them to swap dishes and describe another dish they did not make.

Adam did good but tried taking too big of a bite and had to still talk to the camera. Jen called the Udon Noodles, Linguine. Aaron tasted his dish for the first 60 seconds before even talking to the camera.

For the main challenge they were paired off and had to recreate a notoriously complicated dish with a long prep and cook time and recreate it in 45 minutes or less. The winners got their dish published in Bon Appetit. Shane and Kelsey won the mini challenge so the were awarded their choice of the three dishes. They chose the Beef Wellington for themselves and the Turduken for Lisa and Jennifer. That left the Coq Au Von for Adam and Aaron.

Jennifer broke a bottle of Apricot juice on the grill which meant they had to throw all the food on there away which really hurt her. Lisa surprisingly did not blame or give Jen a hard time which made Lisa look a little better in the judge's eyes.

Adam and Aaron did not do anything close to Coq Au Von. Granted they had the right ingredients but just did not come close as far as the judges were concerned. Shane and Kelsey almost blew away the judges with their No Nightmare Beef Wellington. The only concern was the way the dish looked the browns of the main dish and the whiteness of Shane's Creamy Pearl Onions. However that was not enough to cost Shane and Kelsey the win for that challenge.

The Judges later told Adam he is only there based on his personality and Bobby Flay told him he is on very very thin ice. Jennifer was the one that had to leave. It might be me but I am glad she is gone because every time I watched her presentations I felt embarrassed for her. It almost seemed she was in over her head.

Next week we have the finalists appearing on the Rachael Ray show making a meal for some girl scouts. Form the preview Lisa is trying to get her girl to eat couscous or a horseradish sauce. That should prove to be interesting!