Monday, July 7, 2008

The Next Food Network Star - Update Episode 6

Episode 6 of The Next Food Network Star was somewhat interesting. As I told you last week the finalists created a 4 minute demo for the Rachael Ray Show. They also had to create a dish for a Girl Scout that was to be their partner. Most did a good job on camera and involving their girl scout.

Aaron, was the most improved, he let the real Aaron out this week. He made a Broccoli Burger pizza that actually looked good and the judges enjoyed.

Kelsey thought that having Rachael cook was showing authority. As Bobby Flay said "Cook your eggs yo!" At the end of the show she was one of the two that could have possibly gone home.

Lisa started strong but almost gave up. Now some are saying it was edited that way; to make her look like she failed. However trying to get her girl scout to try Couscous and actually enjoying it was enough to keep her around.

Adam may not have won the challenge but showed he is comfortable on camera. He also engaged his Girl Scout, and he made what seemed to be a good, kid-friendly meal. However again his cooking skills were brought into question. Yet he was the second chosen to continue on.

Shane pretty much ignored his Girl Scout. He is defiantly technically skilled, but not engaging enough. He was asked what it is about the french he loves, and his answer was the french lifestyle. He then went on to say he had never been to France to be a part of the lifestyle he loves. He has studied and read about it only. His lack of life and culinary experience was his downfall this week.

Next Sunday we have Aaron, Adam, Lisa and Kelsy in Las Vegas for a throw-down. It also looks like may favorite FN Star Paula Deen will be there as well! I can't wait.

How many actually enjoy watching this as much as I do? Who do you think will be the Next Food Network Star?