Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mini Steak Sandwiches with Horseradish and Tomato

Here is a recipe I had found awhile back for some steak burgers. These were a big hit at my last cookout.

2 strip steaks, grilled (I like mine medium rare) and sliced thinly
2 very ripe plum tomatoes, sliced
1 cup mixed greens
4 ounces horseradish cream cheese
8 small bakery buns, halved and toasted

Smear horseradish cream cheese on both sides of toasted buns. Layer with greens, one or two slices of tomato, and steak slices. Replace tops and serve on a platter or you could wrap them in parchment or waxed paper.

Horseradish cream cheese is a sold at many grocery stores. The creaminess and kick goes great with the strip steaks. If you can't find it you could use a horseradish mayonnaise.

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Erin @ The Skinny Gourmet said...

Horseradish with steak is one of my favorite flavor combos. My mother-in-law turned me on to this a few years ago and I've never looked back. You're right, these are ideal in the summer. Delightful!

Anonymous said...

These look great and easy to make to boot!

Bryan said...

It is easy and very tasty. The first time I made this was the first time I had any kind of horseradish on a steak.