Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Who is your Tattooed Gourmet?

Hello and welcome!

My name is Bryan and if you guessed that I love to cook great meals and have a few tattoos you guessed right. While guessing right there does not win you a prize please keep coming back because there will be chances to win something every so often.

Now back to me! I do enjoy spending time in front of the stove and or oven. I love the different flavor combinations and wonderful aromas. Now I do not have any formal culinary training or experience, but I do know my way around a kitchen. I have been a catering chef as well as the guy everyone wants to cook them dinner!

There are so many different flavors combinations many you may be familiar with. I will share my favorite recipes with you using basic everyday ingredients as well as introducing you to some that you never thought would work together.

I will also share some reviews and opinions on many different culinary happenings; including The Food Network, gadgets and or tools for the kitchen, gourmet restaurant news and info on anything relating to food!

As for the tattoos that is for a different post, but feel free to ask!