Wednesday, June 25, 2008

4th of July

It is that time of year again to celebrate the birth of our nantion. The most patriotic day of the year. Now I enjoy all of the festivities that are around the corner, BBQ, fireworks, parades and anything else going on that day.... However!

I feel that we should always celebrate the freedoms we have in this country everyday! Coming from a family of military men and women and even doing my time in the Navy has given me a greater sense of patriotism. We must remember those that fought to give us these freedoms, even if we do not believe in the current military situation. The fighting men and women are only following orders and serving to protect us so so many of us do not have to fight.

Now I will step down from my soapbox and tell you the real reason for this post. Celebration! I have a few classic All-American recipes and drinks to help in our celebration in a week and half.

Stay tuned there will be a new 4th of July themed recipe everyday. Also please feel free to share your favorites as well.